This month, we conducted our Interview with Fobs Magazine published in Europe.

This month, we conducted our Interview with Fobs Magazine published in Europe. Nergis ASLAN, General Manager of Tureks International Fairs, answered the questions for FENS23.

  • Why did you start with FENS? Who gave you the idea?

As a company organizing international trade fairs in Turkey for the last 20 years, we aim to organize multiple exhibitions in different areas of a sector concurrently in order to expand business potential in that specific sector.

Sectors that serve a shared target customer audience can get good results with such exhibitions organized concurrently. Thus, we included FENS Exhibition as a complementary event in our agenda. The idea was raised by a member of our team so we decided to initiate it.

As the first and only exhibition of the rapidly growing sector organized in Turkey, FENS 23 – Peripheral Protection, Fencing, Sport Facilities Construction and Equipment Exhibition will be bringing together sector’s companies and buyers from across the world in Istanbul Expo Center.

We organize and structure FENS Exhibition in such a way that it both serves companies such as producers, sellers or buyers as a sectorial event and acts as a guide to lead big projects in the sector.

We send visitor and exhibitor invitations to both leading sector companies and to big buyers like governmental and state institutions such as the military and municipalities.

  • Why do you think the fencing market needs its own exhibition?

Fencing industry is an industry that serves big projects. These sectors have the chance to grow and develop more rapidly thank to these fairs. We witnessed this in previous exhibitions as well. Presence of big and important exhibitions in an industry helps fuel growth in that industry to a great extent.

We’ll be organizing our FENS Exhibition concurrently with our 10th International ATRAX Exhibition. We all witnessed how ATRAX Exhibition helped the sector grow and increased global trade in the sector during the last 10 years.

In 10 years, ATRAX Exhibition became the only international business platform in Turkey for a global industry that meets the need for attraction and amusement venues, social and recreational facilities and sports facilities. We chose the same path for FENS Exhibition as well.

Together, FENS and ATRAX will serve as a guide to the projects of a wide spectrum of national and international clients including tourism and social facility investors, officials of municipalities and governmental institutions in addition to professionals of the sector.

  • What can fencing installers from France and Germany expect, once they travel all the way to Istanbul?

Thanks to the strategic importance and geographical location of Istanbul, the exhibition hosts many visitors from Europe, Balkan countries, Africa, Middle East, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Turkic Republics. Global trade has made a peak especially after the pandemic. This has resulted in a tremendous increase in the interest for trade events as well las number of visitors to such events.

As the first exhibition to bring together, the players of this industry, will be offering a huge business potential and open new doors for its exhibitors.

  • Will they be inspired with new ideas?

Sure. Markets in Turkey are so dynamic and the production sector has grown so much that it is even dazzling for us.

For both the visitors and exhibitors, it will serve as a platform whereby they will meet with new companies, discover new products and markets.

We designed it as the only exhibition of the sector where you will have access to buyers and sellers in the sector, local governments, public institutions, military institutions, tourism industry investors and private sector investors and solution partners all at the same time.

  • Will they find suppliers that actually deliver to Europe?

In such a right time and period when there’s record high increase in demand, the first and only specialized exhibition of the sector in Turkey will be bringing together the players of this industry.

Companies in the fencing market in Turkey all have the capacity to export internationally. They will have the chance to meet with numerous companies that are known or not known by the European market.

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